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Why Choose TLS?
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Fit your business and procedures. They're custom built to your specifications. Are delivered in roughly one-fourth of the time of other options - typically 8-12 weeks. Cost a fraction of the price of applications with comparable functionality.
The way it has always been

The high cost of traditional business software has largely prevented small and medium sized companies and organizations from using them. Most vendors start with a pre-designed product (e.g. CRM, HelpDesk, OrderEntry, Inventory, ERP, HR, etc.). It is complex and expensive because it includes all the features any customer might need and lacks the one or two specific features that you do need. You end up paying for hours of consulting by software specialists to adapt the product to fit your needs. However, in reality, it is your people and business processes that adapt to the software. You pay for hours of employee training and then see a lukewarm adoption of the software by the employees. Unfortunately, the frequent outcome of this approach is a marginally suitable system at a large, open-ended cost.

A better way

TLS starts with a set of individual software components that are typically needed in business process automation in your industry. We assemble just the components needed to automate your process and solve your targeted problem. We replicate in electronic format your current paper forms and procedures and work with your existing data systems. The outcome of our approach is a simpler solution that is an exact fit to your business in less time and at lower cost. The initial purchase price, the cost of customization and the cost of training are all significantly lower. TLS solutions are on a fixed-price basis, known up-front and can be leased or purchased.

"AccessPoint differentiates itself mainly through its superior customer service which requires well conceived business processes and systems to match. Commercial Off The Shelf products could not adapt to my needs. The TLS applications were quickly customized to meet my unique processes they truly fit our business."

Richard Brown, CEO, AccessPoint, Inc.
Scope of problems TLS can solve

TLS automates multi-step business processes that are performed by multiple people (inside and/outside your organization) and which rely on controlled communication and sharing of information among the participants. Work flow is our specialty. We make your proven business rules the core of the automation.

  • Order Qualification and Management
  • IT Help Desk Request Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Blood Sample Testing
  • School Attendance Tracking
  • Web-based materials sharing
  • Warehouse inventory and trucking management
  • Intelligent Bridging between existing systems
  • Automated reordering
  • e-Learning Management
  • Candidate tracking (HR), etc.
  • Integrating existing systems into your web site