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TLS Pricing
  • TLS offers a better way financially for you to acquire the business process automation software you need.
  • Our comparatively low pricing and flexible purchase terms recognize that your financial constraints are real and unique. Our job is to provide you a financial solution as well as a technical solution
TLS Pricing is simple. Here is what you pay.
  • License fee for the TLS Business Application Toolkit.
  • Implementation fee for the customization work.
  • Annual license renewal fee.
  • Optional monthly support fee.
"The work TLS did for us was very fairly priced. They delivered on-time and within budget - there were no hidden surprises."

Jody Fountain
Director of Sales & Marketing
Enviro-Guard Ltd
TLS understands that companies have unique financial constraints. That's why we are very flexible in our Terms. You can acquire a custom TLS application in multiple ways. In each of the options below, you can host the application on your site or we can host it for you.
  • Lease. The IMMEDIATE PAYBACK option. The amount you save each month by using our application exceeds your actual lease payment to us. Leasing ensures a predictable cash flow and you make money from the day we install your custom solution. Also, unlike traditional "leased" applications, we customize it to your requirements and give you the option of hosting the application thereby keeping your data under your control.
  • Purchase. The LOWEST COST option. Existing customers have experienced 3-6 month payback times. From that point forward, all cost savings flow to your bottom line. You can expect your total cost savings to be twice the cost of the application in a year or less.
  • Lease With Option To Buy. The SENSIBLE COMPROMISE. This fits many companies who want a predictable cash flow and a quick payback while retaining the option of eliminating monthly payments in the future.
Predictable Total Cost of Ownership
  • TLS performs all customization up front on a fixed-price basis
  • With our terms you know exactly how much to budget in exactly which months
  • No open-ended, expensive consulting
Controlling Enhancement Costs

You can eliminate future costs by making the majority of the changes to your TLS application yourself as your needs change. The system comes with a point-and-click Admin Tool that allows you change users, user privileges, their data and how they are grouped. It allows you to change forms, tasks, workflows, notifications, and virtually any element you would need to change.

If your changes cannot be done through the Admin Tool, or you don't want to take the time to do it yourself, we will do it for you at a very reasonable rate which is roughly one-quarter the hourly rate of major business software integrators.

Controlling Maintenance Costs

Since our software components are all pre-tested and de-bugged, we don't charge you for ongoing bug fixes like some software companies!