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Your experience with TLS:
  • You could be enjoying the financial benefits of a TLS application by this time next quarter!
  • You can be seeing positive return on the TLS investment before you are done paying the TLS bill!
  • TLS typically deploys a fully customized system in 8 to 12 weeks on average depending on complexity.
  • Rapid deployment improves ROI, increases employee adoption and satisfaction by minimizing the difficult transition time.
Fits your Process

Standard business applications come in defined modules and suites. You are forced to fit your processes into their modules or adapt your entire operation to their software. This can be costly and risky. With TLS, you can solve a small problem, a large problem, or problems that do not fit into standard business applications at a minimal cost.

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Rapid Prototype

You will see exactly what we are creating for you in two to three weeks! TLS creates a Rapid Prototype and will continue to make changes to it until it meets your approval. Then, we quickly turn the prototype into a full application by pulling in field-proven software components from the TLS Business Application Toolkit.

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User Viewpoint

TLS application screens are designed for the people who perform the daily operations of your business. Our design goal is to help them get their jobs done more easily and quickly. Our application reports are designed around the needs of management and customized for them.

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Minimal Learning Curve

TLS applications incorporate your forms, steps, and terminology greatly reducing the learning curve and speeding adoption and effective use. In addition, TLS provides time-efficient, on-site training for end-users and administrators with every TLS application as part of the system price.

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Quality Software

TLS applications are reliable and achieve high system availability. This is because 60% to 90% of every TLS application is built from our field-proven TLS Business Application Toolkit. All software components in this Toolkit have been tested and de-bugged.

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TLS applications readily adapt to your business process changes. Many other vendors will only incorporate your requested changes if enough other customers also want it. With TLS, you will never be in that situation! Our powerful Admin Tool allows you to modify your application, via a point-and-click interface, to adapt to your changes. Or, if you do not have the time or resources, we will be here to make any and all changes you require.

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