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While the unique way that you do business is the core of your TLS application, it will also have the following common characteristics:
TLS applications integrate with existing systems

You can continue using your existing computer systems because we understand that even though it is not perfect, it is still on your books. TLS applications routinely interface with your existing systems and data migration is often part of a TLS implementation. Sometimes, TLS applications simply qualify information and ensure it is complete before it goes into an existing system (e.g., billing). This can result in an enormous increase in productivity. Read about how we increased FairPoint's productivity.

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Reports are an essential part of your business in communicating information, but only if they have the content and are in the format that you need. All TLS applications include ten custom reports with each system and you can specify the content and format for each. Any number of additional reports can be created for a very modest fee.

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No software needed on user's computers

Whether it's an employee, customer or vendor, you never need to install special software on their computer to access a TLS application. All TLS applications are accessed using standard Browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Netscape) even when using the them on your internal network.

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Easy access

Authorized employees in the next building or the next city can access your TLS application and data. Authorized employees can also work and stay current from their homes or hotel rooms. If you choose to provide customer access for self-service or online ordering, these operations can be performed from any internet-connected computer because all TLS applications are truly web-based. This means that all communications between the user and the TLS application "talk web" so they can use the Internet backbone as the communication path as easily as your internal network.

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Automate processes with external entities

You can extend the efficiency, cost-saving and instant communications that come from Business Process Automation to your partners and vendors. Routine transactions become automatic freeing up your partner "face time" for conversations about new revenue opportunities. Your TLS application can (optionally) provide limited and secure access for entities outside your company. This access limits what information can be seen and what each outside user can do.

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TLS Applications Integrate with your Web Site

If it fits your business, you may want to display information, allow information queries and even input new requests into your TLS application through your existing web site. We can easily accommodate this as part of the implementation.

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Access control

You have complete control over who can see, change or erase your data. All TLS applications provide grouping of users according to their role or roles in the business process. The permission for any individual or group to view, create, modify or delete data can be explicitly set. All deleted data can be undeleted by the System Administrator.

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Open standards

All TLS applications are based on open and standard technologies so your data and your investments are protected.

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TLS applications are platform-independent

TLS applications are compatible with most server hardware. They will not constrain future hardware purchases since TLS applications can be run on servers as inexpensive as a PC clone or as high-performance as a high-end Unix server.

This is possible because all TLS applications are platform-independent. They work equally well on Microsoft or Unix-related servers such as solaris or Linux.

TLS applications are database-independent

TLS applications are compatible with most database software (for example, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle).

Even if you don't have database software, all TLS applications come with a fully functional database management system included. TLS applications are all database-independent.

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"TLS applications fit my business environment. This is the first package that we did not have to adapt to. It adapted to us." óDr. Basel Kanawati, CTO, Signature Distribution Services, Inc.

Your data is always available and safe

Your data is never locked in a proprietary format with TLS. All TLS applications store their data in an open database which means you can always retrieve your data using many common programs such as Excel, Access, etc. In addition, all TLS applications employ standard, proven techniques for ensuring data privacy and preventing unauthorized access

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