Sample Solutions

Some of our sample solutions are listed below. A detailed description of each application is available by REQUEST. You can also read about some of our implementations in our CASE STUDIES section.
Sales Force Automation System

This customized application includes the major features sales people and their management expect including contact management, quote generation, marketing tools and order preparation. In order for an Sales Force Automation tool to be truly useful, it must be tailored to the company’s existing processes and business model. TLS has developed an application called salesForceLogic to address this need.

Using a ‘point and click’ interface, salesForceLogic can be customized to a very high degree. Another key differentiator is that it is integrated with a flexible Product Catalog that can be accessed by the users to review detailed descriptions of the company’s products and services. This makes it easier for users to access all the details of the company’s product offerings (e.g., descriptions, bundling details, prices, specials, discounts, etc.). Furthermore, all sales personnel can gain instance access and notification to changes made to any product offering.

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Order Qualification System

TLS has developed an order "Pre-Qualification System", called pre-Qual, which is a powerful, user-friendly, web-based system that allows for the capture of prospective customer information, pre-qualification of customers, submission of product orders, and tracking of the end-to-end progress of those orders. When an order progresses from one step to the next, pre-Qual ensures that the previous step has been completed and that all the necessary information has been captured and passed on to the next step.

Once an order has been successfully completed, pre-Qual archives the data and makes it available to users not only for viewing but also for statistical analysis via a comprehensive set of reports.

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Order Management System

TLS’ Order Management solution, called orderLogic, is a powerful, user-friendly, platform independent, web-based system that can be deployed across the enterprise. The tool is unique in that it adapts to the client’s own internal processes instead of the other way around. Since orderLogic is a web-based tool, it can be accessed over the company’s internal network as well as over the Internet. This makes it possible for orders to be entered both locally and remotely. Once the order is captured it follows a preset workflow, defined from the administration module, until the order is provisioned. Following that, orderLogic can transfer information to the client’s billing system so that billing can begin. Every detail pertaining to each order is tracked and maintained with a high degree of automation.

The system comes with comprehensive reports that provide management a global perspective of their company’s order fulfillment activities and the quality of the company’s services.

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Trouble Ticketing System

This customized application includes the major features Help Desk staff and their management expect including problem capture, history tracking and escalation, global alerts and extensive reporting. TLS’ Trouble Ticketing solution, called issueLogic, is a powerful, user-friendly, web-based system that allows users such as Customer Services Representatives, Engineers, Managers, and customers to create, capture and track trouble information over its entire lifecycle. Every activity and customer contact, called a “touch”, is time-stamped and logged.

The system maintains an archive of all tickets opened to date, and allows search for similar/identical problems to see how they were resolved. This also enables trending that can identify error prone products and services that may require corrective actions at a higher level. In issueLogic, users are able to specify ‘escalation’ rules based on severity of a ticket, and define actions that need to be automatically triggered at pre-defined points. This feature enables proactive handling of sensitive situations. Users are able to share data based on their ‘roles’ and ‘authority’ levels. For instance, management can have visibility to all issues and their current status. If a company wishes to leverage the customer ‘self help’ concept, it can make use of issueLogic’s capabilities that allow customers to submit their issues and track the progress of all their open tickets – over the Web. This results in lower call volumes to the Help Desk and a higher customer satisfaction.

The system comes with comprehensive reports that provide management a global perspective of their company’s customer facing activities and the quality of the company’s services.

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Learning Management System

TLS’ Learning Management System (LMS), called studentLogic, is a user-friendly, web-based solution that is designed to track and manage student training – regardless of whether it is computer based (CBT), classroom style, or provided over a ‘content’ network. This powerful and integrated system includes calendaring, messaging, hierarchical user management, comprehensive reporting (for both groups and individuals), and system administration.

Using this application, a student can select courses from an integrated course catalog and create a personalized training schedule. If the selected courses are computer or network-based, students can also initiate course delivery on demand. The system presents quizzes and exams, grades them, shows correct responses, records all data for use in managerial reports, and tracks overall student progress. A user with a ‘managerial’ role has additional privileges that allow group or individual course scheduling and monitoring of progress through various real time reports. Managers can also edit student profiles and approve new registration requests for their direct reports.

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Laboratory Management System

This customized application has built-in knowledge of the unique testing process and insurance billing found in the healthcare industry. Using this application, physicians, technicians, pathologists, laboratory and billing managers can track and record test results, access patient history, interface with laboratory test machines and manage client accounts including billing.

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Billing System

Under development

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