Business Process Outsourcing

The greatest challenge for most IT/business services departments is simply keeping pace with technology and itís not getting any easier. Technology change impacts everything from personnel training, to extending applications to new users, to the timely migration to new platforms. An information systems infrastructure that is current and efficient is critical to success. In fact, itís now widely accepted that IT strategy and business strategy are virtually indistinguishable. The more management has to deal with infrastructure issues, the less time they have to manage strategic issues related to the companyís primary business. By internalizing, non-strategic projects will most likely not be using best tools or practices. This will lead to a less-than-optimal outcome.

Companies turn towards outsourcing when they want to reduce costs and improve quality. An outsourcer is in the position to more cost effectively provide the customer with access to the latest and greatest tools. Beyond cost and quality improvements, there are additional business benefits a client realizes, such as increased focus, access to cutting-edge technologies, increased product development capability, and speed.

Our customers consider TLS a business partner. We provide a reprieve from typical people management issues.

"If I had to hire these people via my HR department, it would be far more laborious and challenging to acquire the same competency levels, says Dr. Basel Kanawati, CTO, Signature Distribution Services, Inc. He adds, ďTLS deals with all management issues. I simply make a phone call."

We are a seamless extension of our customers' IT organizations, maintaining a clear bi-lateral definition of roles and responsibilities. Once we understand the unique needs of our customers as well as the changing demands of managing their business we can create a solution, always striving for clarity of communication among the various players in the relationship. This provides a firm foundation for evolving the relationship and builds the confidence and trust required for a successful outsourcing engagement.

"At TLS we focus on mid-size companies. We recognize that outsourcing to a large consulting house may be more than these companies can afford, remarks CEO of TransLogic Systems"

We are distinctive in our approach to outsourcing solutions for the following reasons:

We are accommodating SLAs can be based on a fixed price, time and materials or shared-risk agreements priced on an hourly per head basis or project price.

We are responsive we are designed to mobilize our resources with one phone call; disruptive events are contained, reducing risk to core business channels. System modifications can be delivered in half the time of conventional outsourcers due to our 24 hour off-shore processing capability and huge base of reusable code.

We are cost-sensitive in keeping with our mission statement, we are not driven by top-end price gouging. Our customers benefit from off-shore rates for engineering talent. Thereís no fluff built in labor costs, so clients donít have to charge back any more for services than necessary. This allows small to mid-sized enterprises to get the services they need without overpaying for support they donít need.

We are accountable we provide the customer with controls and clear performance measures so they can judge our success at helping them meet their objectives. Throughout the engagement, our account managers and the leadership team are evaluated against service levels and overall customer satisfaction. We put these milestones in our Service Level Agreements.

We have a unique perspective We build customized business process tools. This subject matter expertise allows us to dissect projects into smaller pieces to deliver real results, faster.