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TLS was founded in 1999 out of the frustrations of the founders with the quality and price of available business software. What was affordable did not work. What was very expensive did not work much better! They were in search of software systems that would automate the business processes of the major companies at which they were employed.

A Better Way to Make Software Practical for Business

Customer response to TLS solutions proves everyday that many companies have experienced the same frustration and are looking for software that fits their business, is affordable and above all WORKS! Over the years, TLS has built a team of highly talented and dedicated individuals, and has methodically developed its core competencies in proven and emerging technologies.

Using these skills, TLS has designed and implemented many advanced network-based solutions that have become mission critical applications at large and small corporations. TLS' mission is to build a globally respected, value-based knowledge company that employs seasoned professionals and offers best-in-class software solutions to customers at a fair price.

In addition, our system integration and consulting services can provide clients with customized solutions to meet any IT requirements.