Enterprise open source

Enterprise web content framework

TLS has in the recent years adopted Drupal as its main web content framework for enterprise applications. The difference between Drupal and other content management systems is that extensibility is built into the system ground up in Drupal. This makes it very suitable for Drupal to be deployed as a UI and content publishing framework within the enterprise. TLS is experience in Drupal involves not only building highly usable and accessible websites in Drupal but also integrating it with enterprise systems like CRM, Finance and ERP systems

Other products in our web content framework portfolio include: Alfresco, Life Ray

Open Source Enterprise SOA

A carefully designed and architected solution can meet the needs of that solution. But the bigger question is, how will it fit into an organizations existing enterprise ecology? How will the solution integrate with other solutions within the organization whilst conforming to the governing enterprise architecture constraints? At TLS we have been faced with these questions on numerous enterprise scale projects.

While SOA has always been the answer to the above question, cost, complexity and lack of expertise have presented challenges in implementation. TLSís solutions to the SOA challenges is to use proven open source SOA frameworks so that

TLS works with open source SOA frameworks like WSO2 . WSO2 is a free, open source middle ware platform enabling easy integration of web services and Service oriented applications. WSO2 provides componentized products so that SOA implantations can be tailor made to suite specific needs of the customerís enterprise environment.

Open Source Enterprise BI

The complexity of data integration in enterprise environments presents a challenge in achieving ROI of implementing business intelligence solutions. Nevertheless, BI is increasingly becoming an integral part of enterprise solutions including Cloud based and SAAS applications

Nothing speaks better than experience in Enterprise BI. Years of experience delivering BI to enterprise customers has given as a wealth of experience and a large repository of ďReady to UseĒ components and reusable frameworks that can help us reduce the cost of implementation.

TLSís works with open source products like Pentaho and Jaspersoft.

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