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Our Business
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At TLS, we strive to create software that is of enduring value to our customers, our partners and ourselves.

For Customers, we strive to create solutions that are practical in their eyes, solve their problem, and which they feel are well worth the price.

For Partners, we share our success so that both may grow.

For Ourselves, we work to develop relationships among employees, customers, and partners that our based on enduring trust in the belief that these relationships will enrich our lives beyond this sale, this quarter, this company.

Our Modus Operandi:
  • We strive to provide dependable and quality products and services at a fair price.
  • We create value using continuous and rapid experimentation and by capturing the opportunities that emerge from it.
  • We foster a culture of excellence and encourage teamwork that harnesses individual brilliance.
  • We embrace the concept of shared prosperity by encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and rewarding exceptional contributions.
  • We will continue to partner with and retain subject matter experts who share our core values of originality, responsibility, hard work, respect for and trust in the individual and a sense of humor.